Fire marshal training legal requirementsfire marshal training legal requirements

So what are your fire marshal training legal requirements?

Do you know your fire marshal training legal requirements? The answer is quite simple!

Managers and responsible persons of workplaces must have trained staff. They should put fire plans into action when the  fire alarm operates. These trained persons are called  fire marshals and are also sometimes called fire wardens.

Who can train fire marshals?

A person with sufficient knowledge, understanding and expertise can deliver fire safety training. This could be a trainer like us or it could also be an in house manager or trainer. The person would need to understand fire law, classes of fire and extinguishers, daily duties such as fire safety tests, what fire risks look like, evacuation and accounting methods and also the building fire plans.

How often should fire marshals be trained?

This will depend on the risk in the building. The place of work should have a fire risk assessment and this should show the level of risk in the building. Therefore, buildings that are high risk will have fire marshal training more often. Consequently, buildings with low risk can have  fire marshal training less often.

This quick list will help managers:

  • Low risk buildings. Fire marshal training every two to three years and also fire drills for all persons at least one per year.
  • Medium risk buildings. Fire marshal training every one to two years and also fire drills once per year or more often in some cases.
  • High risk buildings. Fire marshal training at least once per year. If the building has shift workers more frequent fire training will be required for those working late or night shifts. Fire drills should be carried out more often i.e two or three times per year.

Does fire marshal training need to be approved or accredited?

There are no fire marshal training legal requirements that require training to be approved or accredited. However, approved courses / accredited training does show that the content has been considered by a national fire body that the content is suitable for fire marshals.

How to book fire marshal training London sessions with us

Booking an open or in house fire marshal course with us is so easy! Either call us or email us with your preferred dates. Once we have agreed a date we will ask for some details and also ask you to agree our terms. Once we have your details your fire marshal training London session is booked!

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