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Fire extinguisher training London

In house fire extinguisher courses London from £345+VAT

Fire extinguisher course London programme

1.5 hour fire extinguisher  training London course programme.

The course covers:

    • Course overview.
    • Fire law and also Fire Safety Order 2005.
    • The common causes of fires in buildings.
    • How fires start and grow.
    • Classes and types of fire.
    • Fire extinguishers and how to use them.
  • Live fire extinguisher session
    (on all open courses and an optional in house extra).

Our programme can be delivered at your building and can also include a live fire extinguisher session. If you have just a few persons needing fire training, our open courses are held every month and also include a practical session.

The trainers are all ex fire service training staff so have run thousands of courses. In house courses can be changed to include the types of fire extinguisher in your building and can also include risk spotting sessions to improve fire safety.

Persons completing the course will get a fire training certificate and also on line fire training guides to support the programme.

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Open fire extinguisher training London dates and frequency

Our fire extinguisher training London course dates

These courses are currently suspended due to the Corona virus pandemic.

Since our courses are run every month, managers can place staff on courses easily. Course dates are on either on our homepage or this page. In addition, you may see our dates on Google ads.

Open courses start at 10.00 a.m. so therefore you will finish at lunchtime. Numbers of persons are limited to twenty persons per practical session so all have the chance to put out a small fire.

Finally, our  training venue is Lewisham Southwark College, South Bank, Waterloo in London. This is less than 100 metres from Southwark tube station.

Why pick us for your fire extinguisher training London?

So, why pick us for your fire extinguisher training London?

First of all, we have run fire extinguisher training London for seven years. Furthermore, our course trainers have provided fire training courses for fire services, private and public sector organisations around the country. They have also delivered training abroad.

Since we can provide references from companies and organisations you can be sure of high quality training. We also offer combination services. This could be either fire training  and fire risk assessments, or fire training and fire emergency plan production. In addition, we can visit your site and take photos of fire faults to personalise your in house training.

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What type of space do we need for live fire training at our premises?

We need to have an outside space to carry out live fire training. It cannot be carried out under cover or on a roof space.

Outside training spaces requirements

The outside space must be about five to six car parking spaces in size and must also not be near a main road so it does not distract road users. It cannot be used by members of the public. It will also have to be land owned or controlled by your workplace. The space must also be away from combustible sources and air intakes.

We will carry out a risk assessment of the area and may cancel the session if it is not suitable or if there adverse weather conditions.

If you need more information about outside spaces for fire training either call us or email us.

Frequently asked questions and answers

So, do all staff need fire extinguisher training?

Yes. In addition, all staff need to know the entire contents of the fire emergency plan. This plan includes fire fighting equipment, evacuation plans and also disabled procedures.

Fire training is based on risk so training may be annually or even every two or three years.

This fire extinguisher course will help managers meet their legal fire duties regarding staff training.

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How many extinguishers do we need?

This will depend on the type of building,  activities carried out and also the level of risk.

Buildings with  100sq/m or less need one general purpose fire extinguisher. While buildings with more than 100 sq/m need one general purpose  extinguisher for every 200 sq /m.  Also, there must be a minimum of two extinguishers per floor.

In addition, to general purpose fire extinguishers, the building will need other fire extinguishers to cover other risks. So for example, an office will need carbon dioxide extinguishers and a commercial kitchen will require a wet chemical extinguishers.

For more details on how may extinguishers you need either call now or come on a course!

Can we have a live fire extinguisher session?

Yes. Live fire training can be provided at workplaces. A suitable outside space is needed. The area must not less than five car park spaces in size and hard standing. Also, the are must also be away from a main road and the public cannot access the space. Furthermore, we need to be away from flammable and combustible areas. Finally, It also must not be near open windows and air intakes.

Because we are doing live fire training we limit outside exercises to twenty persons. This is so we can be sure that every is safe and can see the whole training session.