Fire extinguisher type – What is best for your place of work?

Fire extinguisher typefire extinguisher type

What fire extinguisher type is best for your place of work

So what is the best fire extinguisher type for your place of work.

All places of work will need a mix of general purpose and also risk specific types of fire extinguisher. Managers will need a water or foam fire extinguisher (a general purpose type) for each 200 sq metres of floor space. Managers should also know that persons should not have to travel more than thirty metres to get to a fire extinguisher.

This quick guide for workplaces may be of help:

General purpose – water and also foam extinguishers. Consider 3 litre size so all persons can lift and use them.

Offices – Use CO2 extinguishers for electrical items.

Boiler rooms – Usually dry powder or also CO2 extinguishers.

Commercial kitchens – Use a wet chemical fire extinguisher and also consider a fire blanket.

Car parks – Have foam and also dry powder extinguishers in a dry area nearby.

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