Fire extinguisher training London sessions

fire extinguisher training London




Fire extinguisher training London

So your staff need fire extinguisher training London programmes! We can offer either in house fire extinguisher training or places on our open public courses. Public courses are held every month at convenient and modern training venues.

The training course is a one and half hour approved programme, so your staff can be assured of learning all they need to know about fire extinguishers in their workplace. We will look at the different classes of fire and also the best extinguisher for all types of fire. Our courses can be completed with a practical session or an approved training video detailing how to tackle fires safely.

The fire extinguisher training London programme is based on government booklets, British Standards and fire service advice. We originally produced this course for the Fire Service Safety Partnership. This means your staff get fire service standard courses for a fraction of the cost. The course has been reviewed and approved by a national fire safety body.

As an approved fire training course, staff get a training certificate and also on line training guides.

Booking this training

You can book a place on open course by either sending an email or calling us on 0207 419 5001. We will send out booking email and you need to just fill in the information to confirm your places.

To book an in house fire extinguisher training London programme call or email our team for available training dates. We are flexible and can offer either morning, afternoon or twilight courses. We can also offer multi sessions for your staff.

Our trainers

Our training team are experienced trainers with many years experience. All have held senior positions in the fire service so are fully aware of what training will pass fire service inspectors audits. We can send references from previous clients and can also provide insurance details if required.

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