Live fire extinguisher training

Live fire extinguisher trainingfire extinguisher training

So you want your staff to have live fire extinguisher training? Here is what you need and also what you can expect from our training at your premises.

Live fire extinguisher training needs to be carried out in the open air and also in a safe area. This is what we need to  train at your premises:

Since we will have live fires, we need to be away from a public road and public thoroughfare. The space also needs to be controlled or owned by you. In addition, it needs to be on hard standing and not on a roof or in an underground area. Finally, the space needs to be away from combustible sources and air intakes.

On the course we discuss case histories and why fire training is important. Then we look at classes of fire and also the different types of fire extinguishers available in your workplace. Your staff will then use our fire training rig and use water, foam and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

This course is an approved training programme and participants will receive a certificate and also on line course materials.  For further details either call us on 0207 419 5001or email us.


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