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Fire marshal courses in London

In house fire marshal courses London from £345+VAT

Fire marshal course information


This fire marshal course is an accredited fire training programme and will help you meet legal duties in respect of trained fire marshals.

The programme was originally developed for the Fire Service Safety Partnership, so you get high quality fire service standard training for low cost. The course is based on government notes, British Standards and also published fire service advice.

So as an approved course, persons on courses get a certificate of attendance. In addition, they will get on line training notes.

This is available as an in house training course or as an open fire marshal course. These also can include a live fire training exercises.

3 hour fire marshal course

Fire marshal course content:

    • Fire marshal course introduction.
    • Fire safety legislation and the Fire Safety Order 2005.
    • The common causes of fire in the workplace and case histories.
    • How fires start and how they develop.
    • The classes and types of fire.
    • The types of fire extinguishers and how to use them.
    • A fire extinguisher practical (session on all open courses and as optional in house extra).
    • The non-emergency duties of fire marshals and fire wardens.
    • Daily checks and routines for marshals and wardens.
    • Fire emergency plans and evacuation strategies.
    • Hazard spotting in workplaces and buildings.
    • Routine fire safety maintenance checks  and tests.
    • How to have safe and effective fire drills.
    • Fire emergency procedures and evacuation plans.
    • The duties of fire marshals in an emergency.
    • Effective evacuation and accounting methods.
    • Safe door procedures and room entry.
    • Disabled fire procedures and disabled evacuation plans.
    • General evacuation considerations.
  • Finally, an open forum and questions session.

Fire marshal course and certificate info

Further course information

All persons on this course will get a certificate and also online notes. Furthermore, managers may ask for a group certificate for their records. In addition,  the certificate can include course content.

Persons on an open course can either have a paper certificate or ask for an electronic copy. This can also be sent with on line course notes.

This course is based on government, fire service and British Standard advice, so the content will satisfy any fire service inspections. Because we are an approved fire training centre, persons can expect great fire training. They can also be sure of learning about fire safety and how to keep safe in the event of a fire in their building. Also, the certificate will be marked as an IFSM centre logo.

Finally, our certificates do not have an expiry date. This is because frequency of fire training is based on the risk in your building.

For more details either call us or email.

Open fire marshal course dates and frequency

Our open courses

These courses are currently suspended due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Since our fire marshal courses are held every month, spaces are easy to book. This course includes a live fire session, so we limit the number of persons on the course to twenty. Also, courses are from 10.00 – 13.00 hours.

Persons on the fire marshal course will use our extinguishers and our live fire rig so your staff can tackle real fires. In addition, persons on the course can use either, water, foam or carbon dioxide extinguishers to practice tackling a fire.

Our venue is the Lewisham Southwark College and this is only one hundred metres from the Southwark tube station. Southwark can found on the Jubilee line.

Why pick us for your fire marshal course in London?

Why pick us?

While there are many fire trainers in London, we are among the best! First of all, we are an approved fire training centre. In addition, all of our trainers are ex or serving fire officers. Also, our courses are short and can be changed to include your fire plans. Finally, we are one of cheapest companies in London and try to beat any like for like quote.

Our trainers have all worked for the fire service, consequently we can adapt training to meets fire service standards. Also, we can ensure that training and plans will help your managers meet their legal duties.

Many managers may want to check the companies that provide their training. Therefore, we are happy to send references from other clients. You may rather attend one of our open courses and then book us for your in house course.  So if you do this within three months, we will return your open course fee.

Managers can more information about this course by either contacting us by phone or email.

Our fire marshal trainers and team

Our fire marshal trainers

We pick the best fire trainers and  support staff. Furthermore, all of our staff have worked in the fire service training departments.

Phil Johnson worked as the CEO of a fire service company and fire officer with Essex Fire Service. In addition, he was involved in a government working party to change fire service legislation. Also he has thirty one years fire service experience in operational, fire planning and fire training. Finally, after retiring from the fire service he is co-owner of City Fire Training which he has helped run for over seven years. Phil enjoys golf and is a keen football fan.

Bill Seccombe worked as a Senior officer in the Fire Service. He  was also head of a fire safety unit at Essex Fire Service and worked as a fire-fighter and fire inspector. He served thirty two years in the fire service and in addition, seven years with City Fire Training Ltd. Also, he worked as assessor for two large fire companies. Bill is a keen golfer and motor cyclist.

Paul Baker worked with Essex Fire Service for thirty years working and also recently retired. Furthermore, he worked as a fire-fighter, inspecting officer and fire trainer. Paul has provided hundreds of fire sessions and courses through out the UK and Ireland and hence one of our most  experienced trainers. Paul is also a keen motorcyclist and often takes motorbike tours.

Ross Daynes is one of the newest members of our inspection team and works with us in London. He also runs his own company. He is married with no children and is a keen cricketer and skier.

Joe Johnson works with City Fire Training as a fire exercise support assistant and also IT engineer. Joe is doing a Business Studies degree and hence work part time with us. He is single and enjoys music, travel and fitness. Finally, he recently returned from two spells in Australia where he worked as an engineer for a large Australian IT company.

Mike Jones is our video producer and sometimes works with our team. In addition, he has produced promotional material and videos for City Fire Training. Also, he is working with us on a new training project. Mike is a keen  golfer and plays regularly with his partner. He is also involved in a amateur dramatic society and played in and directed many plays. The father of two children, he is also inspecting his first grandchild very soon.

Finally, our telephone team based in Old Gloucester Street, London. Our team includes more than five staff and as a result will answer your calls without delay. They will pass your name and info to us and we will either call you back or email with any information you need.

We are always looking for new staff, so if you have any fire training or assessment skills why not contact us. Either call us or email your CV.

In house fire marshal training London programmes

In house fire marshal training London

Our in house fire marshal training London programmes are approved fire courses. The fire training team are all ex fire service personnel  and have also worked for the Fire Service Safety Partnership. Consequently our training will help you meet your legal duties for training fire marshals.

In house courses can include a practical fire extinguisher session and can also include your own fire emergency plans. As an approved centre our courses follow set teaching modules and this allows us to include your plans. All persons on the course will get a training certificate and also on line course material.

The fire marshal courses London programmes are three hour sessions but we can deliver in less time if this suits your work practices. For more details either call our team or send us an email.

Fire warden training London

Fire warden training London

We deliver fire warden training London programmes as in house and also off site sessions. As an approved centre we can also adjust the course to include your fire plans and specific risks. Therefore your staff get information that will help them carry out fire warden duties in your workplace.

For more details of our fire warden training London, either call us or email us for more details. You can book an in house session so easily! Just call us with your preferred dates and once we have agreed your date, received invoice and delivery address details and agreed our terms, we will confirm your course.

Off site fire marshal training London

We can also off site fire marshal training London sessions that include live fire training.

Every month we offer open fire marshal courses. These morning courses are held at a venue in Stratford. We offer the venue for hire in the afternoon so your staff can have tailored fire marshal training with live fire training.

Booking an off site fire marshal training London course is so easy! Either call us or email us with your preferred dates. Once we have agreed a date and you have provided organisation details and also agreed our terms – Your course is confirmed!

Fire warden courses available as open, in house and off site programmes

Our fire warden courses are available as open courses in London, in house training sessions and also as off site courses. So what is best for you and your team?

If you have just a few persons to train, then an open course may be best for you.  The open courses are three hour programmes and include live fire training. An in house training course is great if you want minimum disruption and also for trainers to understand the building and identify the best evacuation methods. Off site training is ideal for large groups who want to include a live fire training session, but do not have a suitable outside space.

Whichever type of course you pick, you can sure of great and effective training. This course is an approved programme and is based on government, fire service and British Standard advice.

For more information you can either call or email us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Fire warden training London for your staff

Fire warden training London sessions for your staff. We adapt our base fire warden training course to include your fire plans, extinguishers and specific risks.

Our normal three hour course can be tailored to suit your business needs. Any number of persons can attend an in house fire warden training London session. You can include a live fire extinguisher session but this must be limited to twenty staff members. Some managers ask for multi sessions throughout a day to increase the number of persons taking part in practical fire fighting.

Either call us or email us for more details of our fire warden training London courses.