Fire warden courses London – How many wardens do you need?

Fire warden courses Londonfire warden courses London

This is a common question on our fire warden courses London programmes, so this article provides a quick solution!

All managers know they need fire evacuation plans and therefore need fire wardens. But how many do you need? There is a simple calculation, first of all, ask one warden to check an entire floor. Time the warden checking the floor so this can be used in your calculation.

If the warden takes three minutes to check the floor you will need at least three fire wardens. You will also need an appropriate number of deputy fire wardens. Managers could appoint a similar number of deputies but this may not provide cover all of the time.

Fire wardens will take holiday periods, time off for sickness or may have work that places them away from their work station. They will also take lunch, tea and comfort breaks. Deputies can cover for these periods but may also require cover themselves.
For example a deputy may cover a regular fire warden over a holiday period. The deputy will then perform there duties but they too will need cover at lunch time etc.

Our fire warden training courses

Our fire warden courses includes information about warden cover so you can be sure that you have staff for emergencies. We provide either open courses or in house fire warden training and this can include live extinguisher sessions. Staff will receive a certificate of attendance and online training materials after completing the course.

Our fire warden courses are accredited and we are an approved IFSM training centre. Our three hour course can include your own procedures and fire emergency plans. Managers can book places on our courses or in house training by calling us on 0207 419 5001 or by sending us an email. Book your staff fire warden training now!

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