Fire warden training London – How often should we train fire wardens?

Fire warden training London

One of our most common fire warden training London questions is “How often should we train wardens?”

Frequency of fire warden training is based on the level of risk and also the type of building. However experienced fire wardens may require less training than new those new to the post.

Here are some examples; A small modern building will need less training than a large multi story, multi tenanted building. Also, workplaces such as care homes need more frequent training those without a sleeping risk.

Managers must ensure they have enough fire wardens on duty at all times, hence they may need to train deputies too. If the organisation has long hours or shifts, consequently, they will need more than a workplace that keeps regular hours.

Check out this link to our fire marshal course and fire warden course page.

Managers and staff can attend one of fire warden courses either as an in house programme or on an open session. For more details either call or email us for my info.

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