fire warden courses LondonFire warden courses London

So you have decided some of your staff need fire warden courses London programmes! We can include your fire plans and procedures into our approved fire training course. Therefore this will help your fire wardens fully understand what they need to do if a fire breaks out in your building.

Our fire warden courses London programme is in four sessions. Firstly, we discuss fire law, why a building needs fire wardens and causes of fire. We also discuss the classes of fire and extinguishers in your building. After that we look at the role of the fire warden. Looking at non emergency duties such as fire drills and safety checks, we also look at the emergency role and include evacuating persons, accounting for people and disabled fire plans.

This is a three hour course but can also include a live fire extinguisher training session. You will need an outside space for this session.

After completing the course your fire wardens will get a training certificate and also online training notes.

Our fire trainers

All of our fire trainers are very experienced. We have carried out thousands on courses and know how to keep your staff interested. Our staff have all worked for the Fire Service Safety Partnership and worked in senior roles in the fire service. This experience allows us to know what inspecting fire officers look for in your building. We also know what they look for in fire warden training.

How do you book fire warden courses London programmes

Either call us or email us with your preferred dates. We are very busy so do have a few options and we will do our best to help you. Once you have selected a date, we will ask for some details from you. As soon as you have given us the information we need your course is booked! It is as simple as that!

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