Fire warden training London requirementsfire warden training London requirements

Fire warden training London requirements are quite simple. Managers need an evacuation plan and also enough persons to put  evacuation plan into action.

Since many businesses work long hours, managers need to have plans for different times of the day or year. We detail what managers need and in addition how many fire wardens are required.

Fire warden training London requirements – How many wardens are needed?

To work out how many fire warden are needed, ask one person to  search o a floor. If the search takes three minutes, three fire wardens and also deputies are needed. This should be done on each floor.

Since many companies and organisations have seasonal peaks, managers may need  more fire wardens over holiday periods.

Fire warden training London requirements – Type of training

Fire warden training should be provided by trainers with sufficient knowledge and  experience of fire safety and evacuations. Some managers will ask for approved and accredited training courses. Since we are an approved fire training centre, we can offer adapted courses to include organisation plans.

Fire warden courses should be backed up with  fire drills. This helps fire wardens practice the plan and also helps staff understand what they need to do in the event of a fire alarm operating.

Our courses can be delivered as in house training or open courses. We can also include live fire extinguisher training at your site. Many staff feel more confident after using a fire extinguisher in a practice session, so do call us if you would like this type of training.

Our team provide accredited fire training courses and can include your plans, extinguishers and specific risks.

Fire warden training London requirements – How to book

To book either in house or open course places call or email our team now. Give us a little bit of notice so that we can insure that you get the most suitable fire training date. We will ask for a few details and once we have them we will confirm your in house course or open space.

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