Fire warden training London – new course datesfire warden training London requirements

We release new fire warden training London dates that also include a live fire training session. Our courses are now so popular we run one open course every month. Since places always fill up, early booking is advised.

Our new dates are 12th December 2019 and also 28th January 2020.

This IFSM approved fire warden  course is three hours long. The course is split into four parts:

    • Firstly, we look at reasons for fire wardens, case histories and also a little bit of fire law!
    • Next, we look at classes of fire and all types of fire extinguishers. After, the theory session, we go outside and tackle some small fires, so if you want to tackle a fire: book this course now.
    • Our trainers also discuss non emergency roles of fire wardens including fire drills, safety checks and hazard spotting
    • Finally, we look at evacuating persons safely, accounting for persons in buildings as well as disabled procedures and also general evacuation advice.

More about our fire warden training London courses

Our fire warden training London courses are available as open courses and also in house programmes. Our team can adapt in house courses t include your fire emergency plans and evacuation procedures.

Each attendee will receive a IFSM approved course certificate of attendance (For in house courses with more than 20 persons a general training certificate is issued instead of individual certificates).

This course is based on government guidance, British Standards and published fire service advice.

How to book our fire warden courses

Booking a course with us is so easy! Either email or call us with your preferred dates. We will email you asking for details and also for you to agree our terms and conditions. Once we have heard back from you, your course is booked!