Fire warden training London – How to plan a great session

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We had a great fire warden training London programme yesterday for a large office in the city.

So what makes a great session? First of all, lots of keen fire wardens with note books and who want to learn. In addition, an organisation that takes fire safety seriously and want to have better procedures and plans. Finally, established fire emergency plans and procedures and to know that all plans can be improved.

A fire emergency plan is a requirement of the Fire Safety Order so this is a good starting point for any fire warden training London session.

Fire procedures are also required and this includes normal working hours, out of regular hours and for persons who may need specific help. So what other procedures are needed? These include: contractors procedures, persons working on their own, disabled persons plans, irregular events and high risk working.

We will look at your plans and procedures and discuss improvements and also how they fit into your working practices. Our fire warden courses can be tailored to include your plans. We will stick to our base course and add your procedures as required. All staff will therefore receive an IFSM certificate after completing the course.

Practical fire extinguisher training

To conclude a great fire warden course, you may want a practical fire extinguisher session. We can provide an outside session using our fire training rig. We simulate small fires and your staff can use water, foam and CO2 extinguishers. Remember, the outside space needs to be away from a main road and also not accessible to the public. It needs to be away from flammable and combustible sources and also not near air intakes. The area also need s to be on hard standing and not on grass or mud where there is a slip hazard. Finally, near your office windows so of your colleagues can see what fun fire training is!!

Booking a fire warden training course

You can call our team for availability. We have several training team so should be able to help you select a suitable date.

For more details either phone on 0207 419 5001 or send us an email.

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